Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sorry so slammed

Ok, Slammed 1) Hope has been a wild girl these past two weeks. She has tried to climb on top of a plastic chair on the top of a small kiddie pic-nic table and fallen on her head. Result: Big knock on the head. She has run ear first into the couch. Result: split ear - ouch. She has grabbed a folding chair and collapsed it on her finger. Result: pinch. I COULD go on, while I will not I hope that Hope will. She has suffered no real damage, but she is scaring the beans out of me!

Slammed 2) I am trying to get on pace with my new job, new classes (over 3000 pages of reading and over 60 pages of writing with about 12-13 weeks to go), and some new opportunities. PLUS my lap top died (GRRRR).

In spite of all this, we are really meeting with the Lord and have a greater sense of His heart for us...But in that "just starting to see it" kind of way.

PS - I love Aristotle! Who would have known?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Word Building

Picture us all in the back yard hanging out as a family. Aidan starts flipping this paddle (like a larger ping-pong paddle) sporadically.

Aidan: "Mom! Dad! I have a new invention!"

Martha/Jay" "What is it?" we ask, wondering what it could be since Aidan has not made his typical modifications to the paddle.

Aidan: "It's an Ant-a-pult." Aidan then quick flips it propeling an unseen ant into the air.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Aidan!

It is Aidan's Birthday today - I will post pictures on Saturday.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Aidan is getting into Comics

Aidan is getting into comics. As part of the reading club he won a Spiderman No2 comic. We have read it more than once! It is rated for everyone, and is contructed on a very moral and roughly Christian worldview. It is not that he does not harm people, and does not use guns to get the bad guys. Anyway, I hope his reading skills pick up enough for him to read them himself, BUT in the meantime I am enjoying them too :).

Hope is talking

Hope says to me this morning "Daddy, more Peanut butter" and hand me here bagel. Although she talks all the time, I am only begging to understand her. She is not yet 2, so I guess that is fine.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Feel of an Earthquake on Mid-western Feet

I knew that moving to Southern California might allow me to be in an earthquake. Today we felt a “good” one. I am typing away in my office when I feel the concrete under my desk start shaking my whole office. I run out of my office and around the house to check on Martha and the kids. Aidan is calmly watching PBS kids on television and he says “Mom, why is everything shaking?” Martha and I are calm on the surface only, but go back to business as usual.

The last earthquake I did not feel, but Martha did. I was shaving and I heard Martha yell. I run out to see her and Hope in the doorway. “Did you feel THAT?” Martha asks. I did not so she tells me to look out the window and look at the swinging planter.

Now back in the mid-west there are tornado’s, but there is usually a warning (and a place to hide). I am starting to think I don’t mind snow and wind.